Qur’an for Young Tahfiz [Phase 1]

by Yousuf Sultan

, Indonesia

Since the time of the Prophet (saw), Muslims have always financially supported our scholars and those who memorise the holy Quran....

Raised Percent :
$ 82,000.00
Funding Goal
Days to go
$ 82,000.00
Fund Raised

Village Infrastructure

Contribute to improving rural facilities to become safer and more accessible. Help facilitate access between villages and local community transport.

Religious Education

Crowdfund the building of over a 100 religious schools all around the world. Support this dream and PPPA Darul Quran’s education programs to aid a generation of Muslims in memorising the Quran.

Livestock & Agriculture

Donate in the form of fertilizer or animal food for farmers and ranchers with limited capital. Assist in sustaining a vital sector of the economy and people’s livelihood.

Natural Disasters & Humanity

Join us in our humanitarian relief and take immediate action in easing the burden of our Muslim brothers and sisters.

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